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The Self Care Ritual Bundle | Pre-order

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Next Delivery: January 15, 2023

  • Products: The Darling Lux Set, Affirmation Cards, Velvet Bloom Candle
  • Regular Combined Price: $245.00
  • Bundle Price: $210.00 (You save $35.00)
  • Description: Embrace self-care with our sumptuous duster, inspire your days with affirmation cards, and perfect the ambiance with our candle accessories.


  • Sumptuous Fabric: Our set is crafted from a luxurious, silky-smooth fabric that caresses the skin, promising an indulgent lounging experience.
  • Duster Robe: The statement piece of this collection, the duster robe features wide, flowing sleeves and a generous cut, offering an embrace of softness with every movement.
  • Elegant Design: With a minimalist aesthetic, the set boasts clean lines and a subtle sheen, allowing for a versatile look that transcends the confines of home.

 Care Instructions:
To maintain the sublime softness and integrity of your set, we recommend a gentle hand wash or a delicate cycle in your machine, followed by air drying.

Garment Specs:

Center back: 62 inches long

Top arm starting from shoulder: 30 inches long

Width: 55 inches wide 

**Laurie is wearing a size small pant in the photos

 Upon ordering, receive updates on tracking and shipping information closer to the date of delivery, which is January 15.