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The Weekend Retreat Bundle | Pre-order

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Next Delivery: January 15, 2023

  • Products: The Darling Lux Set, Affirmation Cards, Velvet Bloom Candle, Glow Kit Candle Accessories
  • Regular Combined Price: $267.00
  • Bundle Price: $230.00 (You save $37.00)
  • Description: Lounge in chic comfort with our Darling Lux Set and elevate your weekend vibe with our Velvet Bloom Candle and stylish accessories.


  • Sumptuous Fabric: Our set is crafted from a luxurious, silky-smooth fabric that caresses the skin, promising an indulgent lounging experience.
  • Duster Robe: The statement piece of this collection, the duster robe features wide, flowing sleeves and a generous cut, offering an embrace of softness with every movement.
  • Elegant Design: With a minimalist aesthetic, the set boasts clean lines and a subtle sheen, allowing for a versatile look that transcends the confines of home.

Whether you're winding down from the day or simply savoring a quiet morning, the Darling Lounge Lux Set in rose quartz invites you to experience comfort redefined. Wrap yourself in its embrace, and let the day's demands dissolve into evening's peace.

Care Instructions:
To maintain the sublime softness and integrity of your set, we recommend a gentle hand wash or a delicate cycle in your machine, followed by air drying.

Garment Specs:

Center back: 62 inches long

Top arm starting from shoulder: 30 inches long

Width: 55 inches wide 

**Laurie is wearing a size small pant in the photos

 Upon ordering, receive updates on tracking and shipping information closer to the date of delivery, which is January 15.